Condition monitoring using the diagnostic systems is a principal precondition of machine and equipment exploitation according to their real status. Cognition of the real status enables, while maintaining the required level of operation safety, more precisely determine the extent of required maintenance and repair, to prolong the device technical life and to exclude unnecessary inspections. Thus the great expense, spent to perform maintenance activity or as a cost of running-in of the pointlessly dismantled or repaired equipment, can be saved.


To determine the real technical status of equipment the company is focused on the following diagnostic methods:

    • tribology  – the processing of information found in the working fluid of the closed circulating systems
    • vibrodiagnostic system – vibration spectrum measurement and analysis
    • system that comprises non destructive testing – inspection of surfaces of the equipment critical components using direct and indirect visual testing and penetrating testing of accessible surfaces
    • the method of  dependability  assessment – the statistic processing of recorded operation characteristic parameters

The assembled diagnostic system is routinely used to condition monitoring and consequent service life prolongation of turbines installed in the ground systems.